Annual Meetings

 2014 Annual Meeting : The 2014 Annual Meeting was held on September 28th at the Somers Congregational Church in the new space built after the fire.  After a delicious dinner and brief business, guest speaker Eric Hansen, a forester with Ferrucci & Walicki, LLC spoke about forest management. Eric has in the past worked with NCLT to develop a forest a management plan for Whitaker Woods and has recently participated in a forest bird habitat assessment by The Audubon Society and the Ct Agricultural Experiment Station for Bald Mountain Preserve. 

  2012 Annual Meeting: The NCLT Annual Meeting/Pot Luck Supper was held on Saturday, September 22, 2012 at the Congregational Church, 22 Maple Street, Somersville, CT. The bountiful pot-luck buffet contained home made dishes and desserts. Culver Modisette thanked everyone for attending and gave a synopsis of the year. He also thanked Rex Joffray for planning the night's festivities and Ingrid Aarrestad for her efforts in organizing the 25th Anniversary Party. He reminded everyone to pickup a copy of the 2011-2012 Annual Report. Culver then introduced George Grant, Don Smith, Jerry Stage and Arend-Jan Knuttel to say a few words about the historical beginning of the Trust. See photos.

  2010 Annual Meeting  "Preserving the Family Farm": Guest Speaker:  Amy B. Paterson, Executive Director of the Connecticut Land Conservation Council. The Northern Connecticut Land Trust Annual Meeting was held on Sunday, September 19, 2010. The guest speaker was Amy B. Paterson, Executive Director (below) of the Connecticut Land Conservation Council. Amy spoke on, "Preserving the Family Farm".  

Culver Modisette, President of Northern Connecticut Land Trust presided.    The program, “Preserving the Family Farm” was informative and outlined various methods of preserving open space. Ways by which a landowner can transfer land to an entity include:

  1. Conservation easements: a deed restriction or covenant that owner voluntarily places on a portion or all of the land.
  2. Agricultural conservation easement: this is an easement specifically designed for agricultural land.
  3. Purchase of development rights: Rights that can be donated or sold to a public agency or conservation organization. In Connecticut, the agency administering the PDR program on behalf of the Department of Agriculture is the CT Farmland Preservation Program. 
  4. Bargain Sale: landowner sells an easement or property at less than its fair market value and taking a deduction on the donated portion. 
  5. Donation to a land trust. 

With each method, there are estate, tax and financial considerations depending on the landowner’s specific situation and needs. See Conservation Options for Connecticut Farmland, A Guide for Landowners, Land Trusts & Municipalities. Contact the Connecticut field office of American Farmland Trust    Or visit the Connecticut Conservation Land Council website at






 2013 Annual Meeting : The Trust held its Annual Meeting for members Sunday, September 22, 2013 at the Woodcrest Senior Housing facility in Somers. A social time beganat 5:30 PM with a pot luck dinner at 6:00, followed by a short business meeting to elect officers and directors. Thanks to Ginny Patsun for organizing this years’ event.  Chris Modisette, son of Culver Modisette gave a recollection of Culver's life, interests, and love for NCLT and its objectives.  A record breaking turnout and wonderful food created a very successful event.

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