Board of Directors and Officers

President:  Patrice Carson, Somers

First Vice President:  Wes Smith, Somers

Treasurer:  Jim Gage, Ellington

Secretary:  Paul Lagel, Enfield

Ingrid Aarrestad, Stafford

Richard Bailey, Somers

Richard Dewey, Stafford

Gail P. Faherty, Vernon

George Grant, Somers

Albert Grant, Melrose

Karl Hasel, Vernon

Gene Julian, Stafford

Arend-Jan Knuttel, East Windsor

Walt Moody, Ellington

Don Smith, Somers

Martin Smith, Somers

In Memoriam, the Board recognizes the contributions of Board Members who have served the NCLT.  We are extremely grateful.

Culver Modisette -  President for a number of years.  Was there when the NCLT acquired hundreds of acres much of it through his amazing networking talents.

Jerry Stage - long time member since inception of the Trust.  Served as Stewardship Chair for years. Thanks to Jerry, our trails and properties have been well maintained.  Enjoy walking the Jerry Stage trail at McCann Family Farm, Somers.

Ernie Boothroyd - Past President and long term member of the Trust.  See:  ErnieBoothroydNaturePreserve.


Patrice Carson, Elected President - Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Patrice Carson of Somers, CT has been elected President by the Board of Directors.  Patrice fills this position after the passing of Culver Modisette in December.  (January 2013)

Culver Modisette, In Memoriam - Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Culver Modisette, President of the Northern Connecticut Land Trust, passed away on December 25, 2012. Culver will be remembered for his passion and dedication to conservation and preservation of natural resources and his years of faithful service to the communities in which he lived and worked. Culver was a member of the NCLT since it's inception as the Four Town Land Trust in 1987. He will be missed.

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