Contributions help Northern Connecticut Land Trust in its Mission

Your dollars or time help the Northern Connecticut Land Trust maintain and enhance its Mission. 

Contributions are a great way to provide a gift to others or in memory of someone your know.  A gift card will be sent by the Trust.   Contributions are also a way to get a tax benefit as the Northern Connecticut Land Trust is a 501(c)(3).   In lieu of a birthday or other type of gift, think of the Northern Connecticut Land Trust. 

Volunteer:  We can't aintain the trail systems or properties without the volunteers who contribute time and energy.   If interested in trail/land stewardship, please contact Jerry Stage at or Richard Bailey at

To make a gift or donation, please contact James Gage, Treasurer at jameswgage@sbcglobal.netThe mailing address is Northern Connecticut Land Trust, PO Box 324, Somers, CT  06071.


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